Below is an overview of the services and solutions shariamadrassahonline provides. At shariamadrassahonline, we have been serving the Islamic ummah by providing  sourced knowledge masjid halaqaats in kilifi as well as Mombasa for since 2018 and aim to provide the same convenient, quality service that has made us a leader in the daawa to Allah.

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[tarteel- entails recitation of quran  putting in place all the requirements of  the arabic language

tahfeedh- entails memorization of quran 

tajweed-entails recitation putting all the ahkaam in place[PRICE/RATES]-prices are negotiable though the below medium

telephone no/ email- { +254114419821} /{



 these are the prophetic sayings and  actions narrated from his companionsit will contain recitation,memorization and deep study (mustalah) [

PRICE/RATES]-are as per discussed Above


FIQH/ AQEEDA - this entails studies of matters to do with how to worship e. g how to pray, perform wudhu, fasting, ruling of things as allowed, prohibited and irritating. 

we also deal with matters with the right Islamic belief. Here we deal with books such as usoolu thalatha, book of tawheed among other books of aqeeda